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Queen vs. Full Mattresses

Queen vs. Full Mattresses

Queen vs. Full Mattresses: A Comprehensive Size Guide


1. Full vs. Queen Dimensions Comparison Chart


Mattress Size

Width (inches)

Length (inches)

Best For

Full Size



Single Person, Smaller Rooms

Queen Size



Couples, Larger Spaces


  • Full Size Mattress: Measuring 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length, a Full size mattress is perfect for single individuals, especially when room space is a constraint.


  • Queen Size Mattress: With a width of 60 inches and length of 80 inches, Queen size mattresses offer more sprawling space and are ideal for couples, accommodating well in larger rooms.

 mattress size

2. Queen Bed: Advantages and Disadvantages


When you're considering upgrading or purchasing a new bed, the size matters. A Queen bed, one of the most popular choices among adults, certainly has its share of pros and cons. Let’s delve deeper into its merits and potential downsides.


Advantages of a Queen Bed

  1. More Room to Stretch: A Queen bed provides an extra 6 inches in width compared to a Full size. This means you get more space to stretch, turn, or even share the bed without feeling constrained.


  1. Versatility in Room Placement: Being a universally recognized size, Queen beds fit perfectly in most master bedrooms, guest rooms, or even larger kids' rooms.


  1. Wide Range of Accessories: Given its popularity, there's a plethora of bedding options available for Queen beds. From sheets to duvets to specialized mattresses, you'll have no trouble finding accessories.


  1. Enhances Room Aesthetics: Larger than a Full but not as dominating as a King, a Queen bed strikes the right balance in enhancing the aesthetics of a room without overwhelming it.


Disadvantages of a Queen Bed

  1. Requires More Space: If your room is on the smaller side, a Queen bed might make the space feel cramped. It's essential to measure and plan accordingly.


  1. Can Be Pricier: Generally, Queen beds and their respective accessories tend to be pricier than their Full counterparts.


  1. Heavier and Less Maneuverable: Moving a Queen bed or mattress can be a two-person job given its size and weight. It's something to consider if you anticipate relocating or rearranging frequently.


  1. Might Not Be Necessary for Singles: For those who sleep alone, the extra space of a Queen might be superfluous, especially if you're looking to maximize room space for other purposes.


3. Advantages and disadvantages of full beds



Better for small spaces: the size of the Full bed is designed to make it especially suitable for bedrooms in small homes or flats. It doesn't take up too much space, thus giving occupants more room to move around and store.


Affordable: Full beds tend to be more affordable than Queen or King size beds. This makes it an ideal choice for students, singles or first-time buyers.


Flexible Placement: Due to its smaller size, Full beds offer more placement and decorating freedom. You can easily adjust its position to suit your room layout or decor.


Provides enough space for singles: for singles, the Full bed offers plenty of room to stretch out and ensure a quality sleeping experience.



Not spacious enough for double use: although the Full bed can accommodate two adults, the space may seem slightly constricted, especially if both people like to move or stretch out while sleeping.


Limited bedding options: bedding options on the market designed for Full beds may be slightly limited compared to larger sized beds.


Long-term investment considerations: If you plan to move in with your partner in the future, or would like to have more sleeping space, then purchasing a Full bed may not be a long-term investment.


May not be long enough for taller or larger individuals: for people who are taller than 6 feet or on the larger side, Full beds may not be long enough to provide adequate support and comfort.


4. Choosing a mattress based on the size of the room


When choosing a mattress, the size of the room is definitely a factor you can't ignore. An appropriately sized mattress will not only bring you a perfect sleeping experience, but also ensure the harmony and functionality of your entire bedroom.


1. Measure your room

Firstly, you need to measure your room. Use a tape measure to accurately record the length and width of the room. This will give you an idea of how much space you have left in the room for activities and other furniture.


2. Leave enough room to move around

When you are choosing a mattress, not only should you consider the size of the bed, but you should also consider that you are leaving enough room for movement on the sides and bottom of the bed. This not only helps with daily activities such as changing sheets or cleaning, but also ensures that you don't feel confined when walking around the bed.


3. Placement of other furniture

Considering that there may be other furniture in the bedroom, such as a bedside table, wardrobe or dresser, you should make sure that the size of the mattress you buy allows for a reasonable placement of these pieces of furniture.


4. Consider the shape of the room

Some rooms may be long and some may be close to square. For long rooms, the Full size may be more appropriate as it allows more length for the room, while for spacious rooms, the Queen size will be more appropriate.


5. Visual balance and aesthetics

In addition to functionality, the size of the mattress should be visually balanced with the size of the room. A mattress that is too large may look overcrowded in a small room, while a small mattress may look too small in a large room.


5. How to ensure optimal comfort?


Sleep, as a daily activity, has a direct impact on the quality of our daily lives. Therefore, it becomes especially important to choose a mattress that ensures optimal comfort. Here are some suggestions to help you ensure the comfort of your mattress:


Know your sleeping habits

Different people have different sleeping positions, such as side, back or prone. Knowing your sleeping position can help you choose the right mattress for you.


Consider materials and construction

Our Suilong mattresses combine bioscience and orthopaedic design, which means that our mattresses are designed to provide the right support for your body, thus reducing pain and soreness. Different materials, such as pocket springs, memory foam and rubber, all have different feel and support.


Test the firmness of your mattress

Not everyone prefers the same mattress firmness. Certain people may prefer a firm mattress, while others may prefer a soft mattress. So, try different firmnesses to find the one that suits you best.


Consider body temperature and ventilation

If you're someone who sweats easily or feels hot, you may want to choose a mattress with good ventilation. We recommend choosing a mattress with breathable holes or made from natural materials to help regulate body temperature.


Ask a salesperson or expert

There are many knowledgeable experts in the mattress industry. Talking to a salesperson or expert about their recommendations can help you make a more informed decision.


6. Ultimate advice on choosing a mattress


When it comes to choosing a mattress, it's not just about size or form, it's about achieving a comfortable, healthy and restorative night's sleep. Below, I have provided you with some advice to help you find the best mattress for you:


1. Define the usage scenario

Before you begin your mattress journey, first identify the primary user of the mattress. Is it being purchased for a single person, a couple or a child? Considering the people and usage scenarios of the mattress can help you determine the size and type of mattress more accurately.


2. Consider budget

Set a reasonable budget for your new mattress and make sure you find the best option for yourself within that budget. Remember, quality is key, but that doesn't mean you need to go over budget.


3. Test Lay Experience

Never buy a mattress based on pictures or descriptions alone. I highly recommend that you go to a physical shop and try it out to feel how comfortable and supportive the mattress is. This way, you can visualise whether it suits your sleeping habits.


4. Check the product materials

The inner structure of the mattress and the materials used directly affect its comfort and durability. I suggest you choose mattresses that combine bioscience, orthopaedic design and eco-friendly materials. In this way, you will not only safeguard your health, but also do your bit for the planet.


5. Consider long-term needs

You may not want to replace your mattress every few years. Therefore, it is important to consider your needs for the next few years when making a purchase. Consider whether new family members will be joining you, or whether you are likely to move, etc.


6. Check brand reviews

Our own brand, Suilong, specialises in ergonomic research and is committed to providing scientific sleep solutions. Choosing a reputable brand ensures that you are not just getting a mattress, but a guarantee of quality and trust.


Choosing the size of your mattress not only affects the quality of your sleep, but is also directly related to your living space and budget. Hopefully, through this article, you've gained a better understanding of Queen and Full size mattresses. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a mattress that meets your personal needs and comfort level.The Suilong brand has always specialised in researching ergonomics, and we offer scientifically based sleep solutions to ensure that you enjoy a peaceful night's sleep every night.


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Q: Can a queen mattress fit on a full bed?

A: No, a queen mattress is larger than a full bed frame. A queen mattress measures 60x80 inches while a full bed frame is designed for a 54x75 inch mattress.


Q: Can 2 adults sleep on a full bed?

A: Yes, two adults can sleep on a full bed, but it may be a tight fit. It offers each person a width similar to a crib mattress, so individual space might be limited.


Q: Is a full mattress better than a queen?

A: Whether a full mattress is better than a queen depends on individual needs. A full mattress is smaller and might fit better in compact rooms, while a queen provides more sleeping space, suitable for couples or those desiring more room.


Q: Is a full mattress big enough?

A: A full mattress is suitable for single adults and can accommodate two adults if they're okay with limited space. However, for those wanting more personal sleeping space or room to stretch, a larger mattress might be preferable.


Q: Is a full size mattress comfortable for 2 people?

A: While a full size mattress can accommodate two people, comfort can be subjective. Some couples find it cozy, while others may feel it's too restrictive due to the limited width per person.

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