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Welcome to Suilong

We are a Mattress manufacturing company. Our company name is Foshan Suilong Furniture Co. LTD. It was established in 1996 and we are professionally producing mattresses for 25 years.
From the beginning of our company, we are producing mattresses wholesale. Now our factory area is 80,000 sqm, around 600 workers, Monthly mattress output 100,000 pcs, Pocket spring net output is 300,000 pcs, Non-oven Fabric Output is Over 900 Tons.

From the raw material selection and product designing, SuiLong takes every process seriously to make a good mattress.

SuiLong has been certificated by ISO9001 and SGS for Quality Management System, also get the CE, ROHS, REACH, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Quality Control

From the raw material selecting and product designing, SuiLong takes every process seriously to make a good mattress.

Combining with Biological Science, Orthopedic Design, environmentally friendly material, and advanced production technology, SuiLong creates more and more popular mattresses, and has been certificated by ISO9001 and SGS for Quality Management System.


We have a big wholesale market worldwide. Last year our gross sale was 80M USD and this year our target is 100M USD. From the beginning of our company every year Our sales increasing.

SuiLong places an importance on R&D, manufacturer and distribution, combining marketing, OEM and O2O. Just a few years, SuiLong becomes stronger and stronger, and more and more people would like to buy SuiLong mattress.

Each year, SuiLong attends the Malaysian Fair in March, Guangzhou Fair in April, Canton Fair in April and October, CIFF (Guangzhou) in September and some other oversea fairs, such as in America (Las Vegas), Japan (Tokyo), Qatar (Doha), Germany, Kenya and so on.

SuiLong specializes in producting mattress, bed base, pillow and semi-products (pocket spring & non-woven fabric. Welcome to visit our factory and any inquiry.
For further information about our wholesale products, please contact:

Brand Story

We are a Mattress manufacturing company and we had a plan to launch our own B2C mattress brand from the beginning. At first, We launched our own mattress Brand “Suilong” in chinese marketplace at 2015. After a huge success in China We Plan to sale our products worldwide. Currently we have stores in 7 countries in Amazon and other online platforms.

From the beginning of our journey, Our CEO and our R&D and sales department has the main concern about to provide cost effective high quality products to our customers. And now we are providing the best quality products at a affordable price and the best quality service. Free shipping, 100-night trial, 10 years warranty, and many more that customer couldn’t imagine before.

We Believe, in the next few years “Suilong” will be one of the most popular Mattress brands in the world. Our motive is to produce and sell high-quality luxury products and offer the best service to our honorable customers.

"One-Third of our life is in sleep, To bring people a third of life comfortable sleep is my original intention to create Suilong Mattress Brand. Everyone can enjoy comfortable sleep brought by using Suilong mattress is our mission to pursue." -President, Foshan Suilong Furniture Co. LTD

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