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Suilong Nimbus Hybrid MattressSuilong Nimbus Hybrid Mattress

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Suilong Galaxy 14-inch Luxury Hybrid Mattress




Suilong Nimbus 12 inch Hybrid Mattress




Suilong 10 inch hybrid mattress. How to pick the best mattress for you?

How to Pick the Best Suilong Mattress for You?

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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A Delightful Experience for My Son!

"My older son lied on it, It was fit for the curve of his body perfectly and could support every muscle of his back. I saw he was so enjoyable and comfortable, even not willing to get up."


Excellent Medium-Firm Mattress

- It's more medium-firm - I cannot feel the springs at all, very good - It does not make noise - I don't feel much motion transfer - Stitching seems solid


Perfect Gift for My Grandparents!

I purchased for my grandparents as a gift. They said when they lied on it, It can support their bodies so well and it makes them feel so close-fitting and cozy.


Fantastic Support for Big Guys

I'm a big guy and it supports me perfectly. Great sleep, way less back pain. Easy to manage and setup. Says team lift but did it alone


Adapts to Every Sleep Position

you can sleep well on any side or in any way, I repeat, it adapts very well without sinking, my lower back has not hurt, for example, and I have slept a few naps there too


Wonderful mattress

It is very comfortable very soft I love it I sleep like a baby 

Why Our Mattress Reigns Supreme!

Suilong Mattress Other Mattress
Mattress Type Memory Foam Hybrid Hybrid
Material Quality Premium materials Normal Materials
Firmness Options Just Right Too Soft/Too Firm
Motion Isolation Excellent Fair
Edge Support Reinforced edges Basic
Cooling Technology Gel Memory Foam, Breathable Cover, Airflow Design Breathable Cover
Breathability Airflow enhancement Limited breathability
Certifications CertiPUR-US, OEKO-TEX, & other CertiPUR-US
Trial Period 101-Nights 30-Nights
Warranty 10 Years 5 Years
Free Shipping
5-Star 4.2-Star

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Suilong Nimbus 12 inch Hybrid Mattress




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