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Our Quality Control

We uphold quality as our guiding principle in factory management, resulting in an esteemed reputation built on excellence.

Coil Spring Tester

Test the spring coil for over 20000 times, to make sure the pressure and rebound are good enough, it should be no deformation and the spring height cannot be reduced by more than 1cm.

Coil Spring Weight Weigh

Weigh the spring coil weight, the weight depends on the coil turns / thickness of steel (wire gauge) / core diameter. The spring is more heavier, then price is more expensive.

Coil Spring Wire Gauge Precise Measurement

Test the wire gauge, in theory, the thicker steel, the harder feel, as well as the higher price.

Steel Wire Extension Tester

Test the steel wire extension, to make sure the extension is strong enough, if not good steel wire quality, when producing the pocket spring, it will be easier broken.

Foam Resilience Tester ( Ball Rebound Method )

Test the foam resilience by ball rebound method, to make sure the foam rebound effect is good enough to be used, especially for the mattress which is vacuum compress packing or roll packing in box.

Foam hardness and fatigue tester

Test the foam hardness and fatigue for over 2000 times, to make sure the foam quality won’t have much sag difference after the test, it should control not more than 25% sag rate, and the thickness can not be reduced by more than 3%.

Nonwoven Fabric Extension Tester

Test the nonwoven fabric extension, in theory, for pocket spring coil, the extension rate is over 100N.

Nonwoven Fabric Weight Weighr

Weigh the weight of nonwoven fabric, in theory, can accept ±3 grams, but average weight of four pcs nonwoven fabrics samples should be controlled in ±2 grams.

Mattress Inspection

Keep clean of the mattress before packing, and it should be no extra threads.

Mattress Size Measurement

Measure the size of mattress, in theory, can accept ±2cm difference on size. When receive the vacuum compress rolled packing mattress, please allow 24 hours for it to recover, the longer time to recover, the better outlook back.

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