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How a hybrid mattress can improve the quality of naps 

How a hybrid mattress can improve the quality of naps 

Before talking about how to improve the quality of napping on a hybrid mattress, we first understand the knowledge of the afternoon nap.

Sleep is a way for the body to rejuvenate. It is common to rest during the night and wake up in the morning. There is a segment of the population, however, that chooses to take a nap after lunch, whis is a culture of napping.

However, not all cultures in all regions of the world are accustomed to taking a nap. On a large scale, it is mainly divided into the Mediterranean circle and the Chinese cultural circle.


Explanation of the Mediterranean Circle on the love of napping:

  • It is a natural behavior to reduce physical loss in order to escape from the hottest time of the day in the southern European heat, sleeping is a habit that has continued from Roman times to the present. In Spanish, it comes from the Latin word for the sixth hour, so ancient Rome would stop eating and relax a little at the sixth hour of the day. This time was around 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

  • The other is that Spaniards would have worked two periods of the day, the first from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., followed by a two-hour break and then from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Chinese cultural circle on the interpretation of nap culture:

  • The first is the culture of Chinese medicine, 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., and 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. are the hours of alternating yin and yang. Both of these times are best for the body.

  • The second is the diet. The staple food in East Asia is rice, and traditionally it is also believed that we should eat enough at noon. So we often consume a lot of sugar at noon, so that the blood sugar level will rise rapidly, and then we will become drowsy when we enter into reactive hypoglycemia symptoms.


Sleep carries multiple meanings and ideologies," said a professor of modern Japanese sociology at Cambridge University in a study.

One of the biphasic sleep can explain the napping culture. Biphasic sleep is the setting of another period of rest in addition to the night. Areas represented are: most Mediterranean countries (Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal) and Latin American countries influenced by Spanish culture (Mexico), Southeast Asia. Americans usually prefer to refresh themselves with a bath rather than a nap. Diet-wise, the impact on blood sugar is not high because of the generally low proportion of carbohydrates in lunch. In terms of climate, southern European countries have warm climates, and napping reduces the amount of physical energy consumed, independent of whether or not you get enough sleep at night.


Napping can make a person healthier and also help study. It can increase efficiency and also restore strength to increase productivity. A proper nap allows the body and mind to relax effectively and eliminate fatigue. The recommended nap break is 20 to 30 minutes. This is the ideal time to reduce drowsiness, increase alertness, and improve cognitive function, reaction time and mood. In addition, napping is also beneficial for lowering blood pressure and helping the heart.

Compared to people who do not nap, nappers will be more productive in the afternoon and more stable. But don't get hung up on whether you can "fall asleep" or not. The goal of the lunch break is to relax your mind and body. There is no need to force a sense of sleep.

So we should need to have quality naps, and a hybrid mattress is a good choice. Recommended Suilong 11 Inch Gel Memory Foam And Pocket Innerspring Hybrid Mattress.

The memory foam in this hybrid mattress will conform to the contours of your body for personalized support, while the pocketed built-in spring coils absorb moving motion to create an undisturbed sleeping surface. The memory foam layer supports your body and prevents any uncomfortable pressure points, while the built-in spring coil system helps air circulation to keep you cool during naps. It also provides a medium-firm feel for all types of pillows. It's also versatile enough to accommodate a variety of sleep styles, meaning you can feel comfortable no matter where you are in bed, giving you freedom of napping position. Since I sleep in many positions, I would like to give credit to this hybrid mattress on this point. If you want to know more about this hybrid mattress , you can check it out at suilong.


Notes on napping:

  • Napping time should not be too long, about half an hour is best.

  • Naps are best taken half an hour after a meal to reduce the damage to the stomach and intestines.

  • Not everyone is suitable for napping. People who are in good health as well as those who get enough sleep at night do not need to take a nap. People with low blood pressure as well as serious disorders of the circulatory system are also not suitable for napping.

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