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Is Memory Foam Good for Side Sleepers?

Is Memory Foam Good for Side Sleepers?

People develop unique sleeping habits due to various reasons. While some people like to sleep on their backs, others prefer sleeping on their sides. According to a survey report published by the Sleep Foundation, more than 50% of people like to sleep on their sides. On the other hand, around 37% of people want to sleep on their backs. The remaining people like to sleep on their stomachs, though they frequently change positions during sleep.

Since many people are side sleepers, knowing the type of mattress that suits them is crucial. Memory foam mattresses have become popular among the different types of mattresses in the marketplace. Do memory foam mattresses suit side sleepers? The following section of this article will try to find a suitable answer.

An Introduction to Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress uses viscoelastic polyurethane foam, which gives excellent softness and elasticity. The mattress can retain its shape slowly but efficiently after you leave the bed in the morning. As a result, the surface remains even to distribute your weight perfectly. Therefore, sleeping on this mattress causes lesser back, neck, and muscle pain issues.

The Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers

For multiple reasons, memory foam mattresses can be an ideal choice for side sleepers. In the following section, you can find those reasons at a glance.

  1. Efficient Heat Control

People who like sleeping on their backs do not frequently move during their sleep. But, side sleepers often change their postures. The movements generate heat, which makes the mattress uncomfortable for your body. A memory foam mattress has excellent heat-absorption ability. Therefore, it stays cool and comfortable for side sleepers.

Memory foam mattresses have adopted advanced gel and copper-infused technology for better heat absorption. These technologies absorb and distribute the heat evenly on the mattress surface. As a result, the mattress never gets too heated.

  1. Weight Distribution

Memory foam mattresses distribute your weight, making the mattress surface soft and comfortable. Side sleepers often encounter muscle and joint pains due to their side-sleeping postures. Remaining in such postures for a long time increases the risk of chronic back and neck pain.

Memory foam mattresses distribute your weight perfectly on the mattress surface. Therefore, the blood circulation in your body does not hamper even though you sleep in a side posture. A flawless blood flow will improve your sleeping experience and prevent chronic muscle and joint pains.

  1. Movement Absorption

Side sleepers frequently move during their sleep, and memory foam mattresses can absorb the movements. Movements during sleeping should happen effortlessly. Otherwise, your sleep will be hampered. Since the memory foam absorbs the movements, you will not feel any jerking during the movements.

Bottom Line

You may have multiple expectations from the mattress, and a memory foam mattress can fulfill most of those expectations. Besides side sleepers, the memory foam mattress is also suitable for those who sleep on their backs. Sleep Foundation is the place to find advanced memory foam mattresses for your bed. You can find end-to-end assistance to identify the best mattress according to your sleeping preferences.


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