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How to select the right mattress type for a better sleep

How to select the right mattress type for a better sleep

Rest is essential for physical and emotional well-being. Choosing the right mattress makes a significant impact on your nighttime rest. Without a good-quality mattress, you might wake up stiff and tired in the morning.

Before shopping for a mattress, you should learn about the different types of mattresses available. Each mattress type has different pros and cons and is suitable for people with different sleeping habits.


Different types of mattress

Let’s take a close look at the different types of mattresses.


  •       Foam mattress

This mattress suits people looking for comfort and sleep on their sides. Foam mattress manufacturers produce different foam mattresses by mixing different materials. Different foam mattresses include memory, latex, polyfoam, and gel foam mattresses. You should get a memory foam mattress with the highest comfort level.


  •       Innerspring

These mattresses are made of inner coils that support the outer layer of soft material like foam, latex, or natural fiber. Innerspring mattresses have extra bounce and comfort. Also, these mattresses allow better airflow, which prevents other materials from overheating. If you sleep on your stomach or in a combination position, you should get this affordable mattress.


  •       Hybrid mattress

This mattress is a mixture of foam and an innerspring mattress layer. Hybrid mattresses have a bottom layer of coils and upper layers of latex, foam, or other soft layers. These mattresses come in wide vanity based on different materials, features, and number of layers. You can use this mattress in various ways.


  •       SmartGRID mattress

SmartGRID is made of a hyper-elastic polymer layer using smart grid technology. Its grid structure quickly adapts to your body curve and provides your body with appropriate support throughout the night. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for pregnant women, children, and elders. It also provides motion isolation, eliminating the sleep movement of the person beside you.


  •       Pillow top mattress

You should get the pillow top mattress if you love using extra pillows to elevate your head. This mattress has an added layer of padding on its top, which acts as head support. It provides extra comfort and prevents snoring. You can get an added layer in most mattress types, such as foam, innerspring, and hybrid.


  •       Airbed

If you often move from one place to another, you should get a lightweight mattress. Airbeds are lightweight and easy to carry. They are different from regular air mattresses used in camping as they are thicker and the size of regular beds.


  •       Waterbed

Waterbeds are filled with water and used for bedridden and sick people. You can get this mattress if you are looking for one for people who spend a maximum of time sleeping in one position. It relieves pressure from joints and prevents bed sores by giving comfort. These mattresses are also suitable for people allergic to mites, dust, and dirt.



Once you learn about mattress types, you can select the right mattress according to your sleep habit and health issues. However, SmartGRID mattresses suit everyone regardless of age, sleeping position, and health issues.


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