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Hybrid Mattress: Keep Your Sleep Cool in the 2022 Summer(10 Suggestions)

Hybrid Mattress: Keep Your Sleep Cool in the 2022 Summer(10 Suggestions)

Before we talk about how hybrid mattress can keep you sleeping cool in the summer of 2022, let's talk a little bit about the relationship between sleep and body temperature.

Sleep is closely related to changes in body temperature. Humans have a corresponding circadian rhythm for sleep and body temperature. You need to avoid letting your body temperature rise before bedtime. Your body will want to be able to lower it before bedtime as part of the biological clock's self-regulation, and the human monophasic sleep period tends to begin when the core body temperature drops. If you are a hot sleeper then avoid doing strenuous exercise a few hours before bedtime. Not only will this relax your body, it is also important for your body temperature to drop. If you must exercise, then it is best to choose to jog in the cooler evening hours.

The brightness of the light should be reduced before going to bed, although people are now used to brushing their phones before going to bed, but in fact before going to bed should avoid looking at the electronic screen for too long, because at night the human body will secrete melatonin and enter the sleep state. If you have been hyperactive mental state before going to bed, then it is very difficult to enter the sleep state, but also make the body temperature more likely to rise. Listening to some relaxing music, doing meditation or abdominal breathing to allow the body to naturally secrete melatonin are small ways to help get into a sleep state.

In the summer of 2022, the world was even hit by a rare heat around the world. The rise in temperature can largely affect our sleep at night. This article will provide some tips to help ease your inability to sleep at night due to excessive heat.

Here are 10 suggestions to help keep sleep cool.

1. Using air conditioners or fans helps

If you are not in the habit of turning on the air conditioner, then it is recommended that you turn on the fan or air conditioner a few hours before bedtime to bring down the temperature in the room. This will make you feel cooler before you go to sleep. Alternatively, you can turn on the air conditioner's sleep mode to ensure a cooler night's sleep.

2. Buy memory foam mattress topper

A memory foam mattress topper that insulates the body from the mattress, which tends to be stuffy. An extra layer of air circulation allows for better exhaustion of hot air. At the same time, memory foam has the function of thermal adaptation. This means that this material responds to the body's temperature to a certain extent, keeping it at a temperature that feels comfortable to the body. 

3. Use a pillow with good breathability

Pillows on the market are made of different materials. If you feel that sleep is always overheated, but do not know where the problem lies. Then you are advised to check your own pillow. The use of ordinary artificial fiber made of pillows will be deformed and lumpy over time. At the same time, this material is not very breathable, lack of flexibility, so it is not easy to discharge the heat at night. Aggravate the problem of overheating during sleep time. If your pillow is made of this material, then it is recommended that you can replace it with a more lightweight down pillow, latex pillow or memory pillow. Note that too thick down pillows can also make you feel overheated.

4. Use lighter quilts

Like pillows, in the winter time we tend to change to thick quilts that are more called warm. But in the summer, it is recommended that the quilt can be replaced with a lighter summer cooler quilt or other. Lighter quilts will be more breathable in the summer and bring you a better sleeping experience.

5. Change out of heavy nightclothes

If you are still using nightclothes made of facecloth, silk, satin or other man-made materials, then it is recommended that you change your bedding and nightclothes to those made of 100% cotton. The cotton material will absorb sweat better without absorbing body heat. It is the perfect choice in summer.

6. Take a shower before going to bed

You can take a shower 2-3 hours before bedtime. You do not need to use cold water, and the right water temperature can have the effect of lowering your body temperature. Although taking a shower will raise your core temperature, by the time you are ready for bed, your body temperature has slowly dropped to a temperature suitable for sleep. But remember to blow dry your hair before going to bed.

7. Keep the bedroom quiet and ventilated

Lowering the room temperature is a very important point, make sure that the night bedroom temperature is maintained at about 20 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate. Also a quiet environment will give you peace of mind and a smooth mood will help you sleep more. A well-ventilated room will bring more fresh air and will make you feel less hot.

8. Drink more water

When the body temperature is too high, drinking more water will speed up the metabolism and promote circulation. It allows the body to lose heat faster, thus achieving the effect of lowering the body temperature in a short period of time.

9. Block the sunlight (draw the curtains)

People who are afraid of heat waves during the day can install thermal curtains. When the curtains are drawn, they can effectively drip block the heat and regulate the light. If you use white curtains or blinds, you can block 40%-50% of the heat from the sun. However, it will also make the visual darker.

10. Replace the mattress with a new one, such as a hybrid mattress

Traditional mattresses are less breathable, making it impossible to smoothly ventilate heat production at night. The new hybrid mattress, however, combines memory gel foam and independent springs to ensure air circulation. The use of cold gel technology also allows the temperature of the mattress surface to be controlled, which will make people feel cooler when they come in contact.

This hybrid mattress from Suilong is recommended here.

Shawn Stevenson, founder of the American Advanced Integrated Health Alliance, said that the best room temperature suitable for sleep is a cool 15.56℃ to 20. Nick Littlehales, former president of the British Sleep Association, believes that the best temperature for the falling asleep stage is 16to 20. Too high or too low may lead to sleep difficulties. But in fact, the conflicting effects of these differences are not significant, because due to numerous factors such as humidity, clothing, region, season and experimenter, there is a range of differences in the body's thermal comfort preferences, which is normal. It has also been shown that the bedtime body temperature of patients with insomnia or sleep disorders is much higher than that of normal people.

In general, the skin temperature rises by an average of 1and the core temperature drops by an average of 1during the day, which occurs after "sleep preparation-related relaxation" actions such as lying down or turning off lights.

If you are struggling to sleep on a hot summer night, then you can refer to the 10 suggestions listed above. I hope they will help you.

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