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How is the quality of Suilong Pillows

How is the quality of Suilong Pillows

Suilong Brand from Suilong Furniture Co., ltd since 1996 which is the manufactory that produces mattresses all the time. Always produce high-quality mattresses all over the world. Many of the biggest mattress brands in the market are now customers of Sui Long. Suilong got a great reputation and lots of popular products. With the motto "better sleep better life", Suilong continues to develop many high-quality sleep mattresses to provide better sleep for all Suilong customers.


The Suilong Luxury bed pillows come as a pack of one, two, and four and have a stand-out feature of being able to adjust the amount of filling inside the pillow. Use the hollow fiber material to fill the pillow which can be added or removed until it suits you perfectly. let you get the best sleep possible. Coming as a pack of one, two, and four give you more options and suit your needs in your house.


Suilong Luxury Bed pillows are extremely popular in the US, UK, CA, EU, and JP marketplace, ranking inside the top of all pillows. Let's take a look at how good it is:







Filling can be added or removed 


Four-sided reticulation, Excellent air permeability







1pcs/pack, 2pcs/pack, 4pcs/pack






1pc 1.75kg 2pc 3.25kg4pc 6.52kg  , much more filling material that any competitor

Construction and Materials

Suilong Luxury bed pillows are not traditional, it does not maintain a look as usual found in hotels. When first received they are plump and well filled, but you can be adjusted if you prefer it slightly different, however.


The pillows are hypoallergenic so can be a great choice for those sensitive to allergens. Coldwater washing and tumble drying on low heat is required


Cotton Cover and Hollowfibre Fill Layer

The Suilong pillow is of a higher quality than the usual hotel pillows and has more details. Cotton cover layer is inherently breathable. The zip design makes the filling added and removed more convenient. Easy to clean without separating the cover layer and filling.


The hollow fiber filling is extremely common in pillows. The polyester filling is hypoallergenic and gives a soft, comfortable sinking feeling.


The mesh design around the pillow makes it particularly well ventilated so that you don't feel hot when you sleep on it, and the far more filling than the competition makes the Suilong pillow more supportive, while the hollow fiber makes it soft and comfortable for whoever is on it, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also more luxurious looking. So, choosing a good pillow is not only about the look and design of the pillow, but also about the weight of the filling.


Firmness Scale

Suilong Luxury bed pillows between a 6-7 on a 1-10 scale from softest and firmest. This firmness range will usually suit the widest range of people and so is very common. If you need support, you can add some filling in and if you need more comfort, you can remove some hollow fiber out.

Position Sleep Quality and Support

First of all, you need to know which sleeping position is your most common sleep, and it will help you get this pillow to match you quickly.

Front sleepers: if you are the front sleeper, you need the lower height and softer pillow to make you more comfortable

Back sleepers: if you are a back sleeper, the requirement is middle of soft and firm.

Side sleepers: if you are the side sleeper, you definitely need the pillows plump to support the gap between your shoulder and neck and keep the spine in good alignment. 


Pillows overheating can leave you sleeping poorly and prevent good quality sleep. so the cooling material is required by everyone. the synthetic hollow fiber material is usually the best at keeping you cool during the night. Alongside using 2 different diameters layer mesh materials make Suilong pillow better ventilation and heat dissipation.


All three sets can be produced and delivered from the UK directly for free, you can order them from Amazon UK and our website.

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