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Easy Ways to Hide Bed Frame Legs

Easy Ways to Hide Bed Frame Legs

Transforming Metal Bed Frames: Hidden Gems in Bedroom Design

Did you know that metal bed frames have other potential values that you can tap into besides their sturdiness? If you have a metal bed frame in your bedroom, or if you're thinking about buying one, then this article is definitely worth a read. Today, we're going to delve into how you can turn a metal bed frame from a common household item into a bedroom showstopper. Everything from tips on how to hide your bed frame to ways to add unique glamour to it.

1. Why do we hide or beautify metal bed frames?

Common problems with metal bed frames

  • Monotonous appearance: metal bed frames tend to be monochromatic and have hard lines, which can lead to an overly rigid bedroom environment. This effect can be softened by using the right decorations.
  • Mismatch with interior style: The modern feel of metal bed frames may not go well with certain cosy, retro styles. By cleverly decorating, you can compensate for stylistic incongruities.
  • Enhance the beauty and comfort of your sleeping space: beautifying the bed frame not only enhances the overall beauty of your bedroom, but also enhances your living comfort.


2. How to cover the legs of metal bed frame?

Choosing the right bed skirt

  • What is bed skirt: Bed skirt is a decorative fabric around the underside of the bed frame, which can cover the legs of the bed or the clutter under the bed.
  • How to choose the right bed skirt: Depending on the height of the bed frame, the colour and the style of the bedroom, choose the right length, material and style of bed skirt. For example, cotton bed skirts are breathable and suitable for summer.

Build an enveloping box around a metal bed frame

  • Material selection and production steps: You can choose wood or fibreboard, cut and assemble according to the size of the legs of the bed frame.
  • Note: Ensure that the bottom of the box is open to allow ventilation, and the structure needs to be stable to prevent it from tipping over.

Use oversized sheets and large pillows

  • How to choose the right sheets and pillows: the size, material and colour of the sheets and pillows need to match the bed frame and the overall style of the bedroom.
  • Arrangement tips and effect show: You can try the layering method, stacking sheets and pillows of different colours and textures to add a sense of hierarchy.

Installing bed curtains

  • Introducing the types and styles of bed curtains: Bed curtains are not only decorative, but also have the function of blocking out light and keeping warm. From streamlined gauze curtains to heavy velvet curtains, the choice should be coordinated with the bedroom style.
  • Installation steps and precautions: Installation of bed curtains need to ensure that the structure is solid, and at the same time, be careful not to obstruct the light of the bedside lamp.

Use of slipcovers

  • Introduce the types and materials of slipcovers: slipcovers are usually removable and washable fabric coverings, available in cotton, linen, polyester and other materials.
  • How to choose and use: The colour and material of slipcovers should be coordinated with the design of bed sheets and bedhead. When installing, you need to pay attention to the smoothness of the slipcover to prevent wrinkles.


3. How to make the metal bed frame look better?

Painting the bed frame

  • Choose the right spray paint: you can choose a colour that coordinates with the bedroom walls or curtains. As for the material, water-based spray paint is environmentally friendly and odourless.
  • Steps and tips for spray painting: The bed frame needs to be sanded clean first, and then evenly sprayed.
  • Note: Wear a mask when spraying to ensure ventilation, and wait for sufficient drying after spraying.

Cover the bed frame with fabric

  • Choose the right fabric: the material, colour and pattern of the fabric need to be coordinated with the overall style of the bedroom.
  • Covering tips: Velcro or other fixing methods can be used to ensure that the fabric is tightly attached to the bed frame and not easy to slide.

4. Bed frame maintenance and care

  • Cleaning tips: Metal bed frames need to be wiped regularly with a clean soft cloth to prevent dust from accumulating.
  • Maintenance Tips: Regularly check whether the screws are loose and avoid using corrosive cleaners.


5. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What can you use instead of a bedskirt?

A: Instead of a bedskirt, you can use a fitted sheet, platform valance, oversized comforters, or even strategically placed throw blankets to hide the bed base.

Q: How do you cover the legs of a metal bed frame?

A: To cover the legs of a metal bed frame, consider using decorative leg covers, adhesive felt pads, or even wrapping them in fabric or twine for a rustic look. Alternatively, place larger furniture or decorative baskets strategically around the bed to conceal the legs.

Q: How can I hide my bed base?

A: To hide your bed base, you can use a stylish bedskirt, oversized comforters that drape to the floor, or even build a decorative box or wooden frame around the base. Another option is to use a fitted valance sheet, which covers both the mattress and the base.

Q: How do you hide adjustable bed legs?

A: Hiding adjustable bed legs can be achieved using a bedskirt designed for adjustable beds, or by using a large enough comforter or duvet that drapes over the sides. Additionally, consider creating a custom-made wooden frame or a fabric drape around the bed base to conceal the legs.

Q: How do you make an adjustable bed frame look nice?

A: Making an adjustable bed frame look nice can involve spray painting it with a color that matches the room's décor, wrapping the visible parts with fabric or decorative paper, or adding headboards and footboards for a more finished look. Remember to also accessorize with complementary bedding and pillows to enhance the overall aesthetic.

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